Advertising on the bus

Contact us for advertising under the number: 69-00-69-520 

Now we invite you to take advantage of the advertising space offered by the company Neobus. You are provided with:

Banner in the web page

Advertise on our site through a banner measuring 960x150 px placed on the main page.

The agreement is for a minimum of three months.

Venering back bus

Advertise on our coaches. We provide you with the back of the bus.

The cost takes into account the preparation of the project along with oklejenia. The agreement is for a minimum of three months

Flyers in seats

Advertise on our buses using leaflets. Your leaflets will be distributed in all of our coaches.

Spotlike advertising

Advertising on the Wi-Fi network Neobus coach. Thanks to Spotlike each customer using our Wi-Fi network on the bus will see your ad.